GIST OF NIT NO:  03  of 2009

  Dated    06-08-2009



For and on behalf of Governor of J&K State sealed tenders affixed with revenue stamps  of Rs.10/= are invited from registered and reputed firms and suppliers for Supply of  A Grade Hard-Coke,(Dust/Moisture free and rejection wood dry duly chopped.) The tenders  should accompanying with CDR/FDR worth Rs.6.00 lacs for Hard coke and Rs.1.00 lac for rejection wood. Pledged to Accounts officer ZPHQ(K). The interested registered suppliers can purchase the  tender documents  from the office of undersigned  on any working day upto 20-08-2009 upto 1500 hrs from the date of publication  of NIT in daily reputed news papers/Website. The tenders  should reach to the office of undersigned by or before 22-08-2009 up to 1400 hrs and will be opened on 24-08-2009 at 1300 hrs in presence of the tenderers who may wish to be present. In case of unforeseen circumstances, the date of opening will be next working day.

        The interested suppliers can purchase the tender documents from the office of the undersigned against the cost of Rs.1000/=(Rupees one thousand only) in the shape of cross demand draft pledged top Accounts Officer ZPHQ Kashmir. Further the tender documents can be issued against the written letter head applications annexuing the FDR/CDR for Rs.6.00 lacs for Hard Coke and Rs.1.00 lac for rejection wood pledged to Accounts Officer ZPHQ. The Govt./Semi Govt./PSU can also take part in tender competition as per terms stated  above.  




                                                                       Inspector General of Police,

                                                                      Kashmir Zone Srinagar.



Dated.     08-08-2009
















1.      The tenders should be submitted properly in sealed envelops for Hard coke/Rejection wood super -subscribing  on top of the envelopes.

2.      The envelopes should be sealed with latch and official seal of the firm.

3.      The tenders should be filled in clearly with one ink and rates quoted distinctly in  words & figures inclusive of taxes and  VAT.

4.      The tenders should be free from overwriting and alterations.

5.      No  conditional tender shall be accepted.

6.      The successful tenderer shall have to  execute an agreement with the department  in the prescribed  form for successful completion of the contract.

7.      The rates shall be quoted by the tenderer for each item indicating  full specifications as per NIT.

8.      The terms and conditions of tender will form a part of agreement.

9.      Payment shall be made by the purchasing officer against each consignment delivered, after the stocks/supplies are surveyed / accepted by the survey committee and properly brought on stocks in the concerned stock register of the department. No advance payment shall be made.

10.  Bank commission on payment if any made to the firm will be borne by the supplier/ tenderer/ firm etc.

11.  The material so supplied should confirm strictly to the requirement of the department and terms & conditions of supply order/ agreement. In case of any dispute arising between the suppliers and the purchasing officer, decision of DGP J&K will be final and binding on the party(s).

12.  All legal proceedings arising out of any dispute between parties shall have to be instituted in the courts situated in Srinagar only.

13.  In case the supplies are not carried out as per specifications the loss thereof shall be borne by the approved supplier/firm.

14.  If after the registration/ placement of orders, the successful tenderer backs out, the security deposit will be forfeited, besides other remedial panel measure available shall be taken against him.

15.  The approved firm shall not sublet the contract or any part thereof.

16.  The contract / supply order can be repudiated at any time if the supplies are not made according to the entire satisfaction of the department. It shall be at the absolute discretion of the department to ask for replacement in lieu of the rejected supply.

17.  The undersigned reserves the right to accept or reject any tender or part thereof without assigning  any reasons.

18.  The  supplier shall have to deposit the samples  of Hard coke at the time of opening of tenders , which will remain with  the department  till successful completion of supplies. The supplies shall be FOR Srinagar municipal limits.

19.  The decision of the accepting authority shall be final as to the quality of the material.

20.  The rates accepted shall remain in force upto  31/03/2010.

21.  The tenderers are required to furnish an authenticated copy of income tax and sales tax clearance certificate along with the tender offer for the previous financial year.

22.  Any Govt./Semi Govt. agency  participating on   the tenders competition shall have also to deposit their CDR/FDR as per the NIT.

23.  The CDR/FDR and  tender fees in the shape of cross demand draft  to the extent shown in NIT shall have to be deposited with  A.O.  IGP Kmr. at the time of   obtaining the tender  documents from this office.

24.  In case the approved supplier fails  to make the supplies within the stipulated  period  as per  agreement /Supply order penalty  equal to  1% per day  on value of  indented quantity shall be charged for belated  supply period.

25.  The tender documents  will be sold  from Acctt. Section ZPHQ upto 20-08-2009



    Inspector General of Police,

       Kashmir Zone Srinagar      

The above terms and conditions are accepted.


         Signature of Tenderer.